Bulgarian ID card

Bulgarian residence for EU citizens

EU nationals may apply for a certificate for long-term residence and Bulgarian residence card “Bulgarian ID card”. If you would like to reside temporarily or permanently in the Republic of Bulgaria you have to register yourself with the local Migration Office. The registration is required also if you would like to apply for family reunification in Bulgaria.

How to obtain a Bulgarian ID card (lichna karta)

EU nationals who would like to apply for a Bulgarian ID card (lichna karta) have to provide the following:

  • Proof of accommodation – deed or lease agreement;
  • Proof of sufficient funds – bank reference issued by a Bulgarian bank stating that you have sufficient funds to support your stay in Bulgaria without relying on the Bulgarian social system;
  • Health insurance – this requirement can be satisfied by presenting EHIC card (European Health Insurance card) or by purchasing a health insurance from a local or international insurance company.

Benefits of obtaining Bulgarian residence for European citizens

  • Obtaining Bulgarian residence and Bulgarian ID card is a precondition for family reunification of your non-EU family members to Bulgaria and the European Union;
  • Bulgarian legislation considers cohabiting couples as family. You are not required to present a valid marriage certificate or CBR check. Full assistance will be provided to obtain the status of cohabiting couple bring your non-EU spouse to Bulgaria;
  • Obtaining a Bulgarian ID card is considered advantage to be granted tax residence of Bulgaria;
  • The Bulgarian residence will guarantee hassle-free visits to Bulgaria and other EU countries for British citizens after the Brexit.

Necessary steps to obtain Bulgarian residence and ID card

The first mandatory step to obtain a Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals is to obtain a certificate for long-term residence. The certificate for long-term residence is issued from the Ministry of Interior Affairs – local Migration Office within 24 hours of submission of application. Once the certificate for residence is issued, you may apply for a Bulgarian ID card on the same day. The ID card is issued within 3 working days. If you are not able to take the card personally, you may authorize us to take it on your behalf.

Our lawyers will assist you to obtain a Bulgarian certificate for long-term residence and Bulgarian ID card for EU nationals hassle-free. We can assure you that your Bulgarian residence certificate and Bulgarian ID card will be issued within three working days.

For more details regarding the procedure of obtaining Bulgarian personal ID documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our fee for to assist you with Bulgarian residence for European citizens including the opening of a personal bank account and lease agreement for 12 months & preparing the required set of application documents is only 500 €. 

Bulgarian Residence for EU citizens Bulgarian Residence for British citizens

Bulgarian ID card

Bulgarian ID card for EU citizens